Who’s Helping With Auric Magnetic Healing?

Spirit_6342184Someone asked me the other day, what is the difference between the 3rd and 5th dimension, as we are moving into a 5th dimensional energy. What does that mean?

I can only speak from my own experience. In reality it probably means different things to different people, depending where you’re at and what your next step is on your unique journey. However, in the big picture it means our DNA is activated by the faster energy, so we will be opening up to more of our potential. Remember we only use 15% of our brain.

My journey took me to Bali where I was 98% raw vegan and immersed in my yoga practice, which developed to involve a more or less continual consciousness of my breath. It felt as though I wasn’t really “doing” very much.. I had quite a lot of time alone, which did make it easier to stay connected to my breath, but seemed a natural occurrence. The animating force in my body seemed to have a life of it’s own.

When I returned to my home, I noticed, a lot of things had changed in me, and my relationship to where I was.  And one of the things I noticed was that whenever I had a client for massage, a light being whom I had worked with over the last 14yrs, would show up every single time, and energy work became the main agenda. She was soon accompanied by others. Now, it feels as though I am working with 2 teams, from different places but with the same intention of helping people heal and expand into the awareness of who they are, and all they are.

Now the veil between the dimensions is getting so thin it’s only a matter of time before we see these light beings with our eyes open.. At the moment I only see them with my eyes closed, but feel and hear them with my eyes open.

I wanted to show this photo, taken by Todd Reid, it’s taken on an iphone. The back drop was a black curtain, which helped the orbs show up. No, they’re not a reflective glare off something. There was no sun or bright lights anywhere to be seen in the back of the theatre. I wanted to show it, as an example of what the thinning veil between the dimensions means.. Now these beings and energies can be seen as orbs with the naked eye and captured on a normal camera. Think about it for a moment! It’s amazing. This is how close we actually are.

Exciting times ahead

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