Wanaka 7-Day Retreat



7-Day/Night Yoga, Healing & Raw Food Retreat
Location: LookOut Lodge, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

  MAY 2017

The ExperienceRetreat-grassbladeDiscover how to have the energy and clarity you need to be all you can be and thrive in the world.

Learn to connect more deeply with yourself, to become your own healer and guide by discovering your own unique internal guidance system. This opens a whole new depth and quality of connecting with others and the universe.

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If you’re looking for a break, an opportunity to take time out, just for you, to rest, be nurtured, to heal, to learn, to relax among friends, to be inspired, to connect to yourself and the universe and embody more of yourself, then don’t miss this opportunity for a unique retreat experience.

I’m very inspired to offer you a unique retreat experience by merging powerful practices, encompassing personal transformation, a healthy lifestyle and the possibility of extraordinary spiritual attainment. Embodying yourself is key to getting into the “flow” or connecting to universal energy is the underlying premise of everything I teach. Connecting to this flow and inhabiting your body more deeply (embodiment), will enhance every aspect of your life beyond your wildest dreams. Bringing you success and the best in your health, wealth, loving relationships and spiritual unions.

Combining my years of teaching and training in Yoga, Structural Integration Bodywork, detoxing and Taoist and Shamanic practices, along with my life experience, I have woven together the best practices in my experience for transformation. It is the combination of these practices with the power of living food, which creates an alchemy, which affects your etheric body, making for lasting change. Embody yourself, raise your vibration and change your life!

Supporting this process of raising your vibration, we use the healing and life giving power of live food. However, healing with raw food is only part of the Aligned To Self, Rest & Renew Retreat. You will also learn how to use what you learn on the mat (your life lab) to feel, to trust and to connect more deeply to your body intelligence, to master your mind, to understand your emotions and find your inspiration and change your life.

Whether you are a complete novice or more seasoned yoga practitioner, this 7-day yoga and healing retreat is a great opportunity for attendees to learn to feel, and circulate the energies of your body, and as a result gain a better understanding of yourself as a multidimensional structure made of matter and various layers of energy, and how these layers interact with each other.

This unique healing retreat is all about feeling and learning to let yourself feel. Feel your body, feel your emotions or “energy in motion”. My intention is to provide an environment where you can really meet and fully embody yourself and all aspects of yourself. We live in an environment of extreme disassociation. Disconnected from our bodies, emotions and each other. The real elixir of life is FEELING! By consciously or unconsciously having closed down parts of ourselves… we create blocks in our energy.

Yoga is a great platform from which to become aware of our holding patterns, the places in us that are unconscious. With the support and guidance of various practices you can start to meet yourself in a way which ultimately frees you, bringing power and peace. You remember that the universe always, always, guides and takes care of you, when you are connected to yourself and one with the flow of life.

Meditation in MovementRetreat-MeditationInMovementMy “Meditation in Movement” style yoga is an open invitation to slow down and deepen internal focus, listening more intently for guidance from your body and spirit. Add to this the high vibratory and cleansing effect of living food and you will turbo-charge your energy.

Yoga means “Union” or “Uniting” and it unites our bodies, breath, emotions, minds, spirits, as well as uniting individuals together in peace… It is no wonder that so many people are realizing the power of Yoga during these dynamic times in the world; if we can harness peace in our bodies, minds and spirits through the practice of yoga, we can create more peaceful lives for ourselves, which in turn creates more peace and balance on our planet.

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With very simple and effective tools, we can strengthen the union within ourselves. And in the process learn to recognize and trust our body”s intelligence and our intuition. You will learn how to build, contain and direct your energy so your life becomes more aligned to who you really are and what inspires you.

My Intentions For You…

My intention is that you will leave having the experience of…

  • Embodying yourself! Being re-connected to your body and spirit and know how to trust maintain and strengthen this.
  • A deep connection with yourself, understanding your internal guidance system
  • Feeling “Alive” and in love with “Yourself”… being full of compassion for yourself.
  • Total rejuvenation from plenty of personal space to rest, sleep, journal, walk by the lake or hang out in the spa.
  • Feeling nurtured by being part of a friendly, like-minded group.
  • Feeling powerful and relaxed.
  • Having a detox sequence you can use anytime.
  • Having the tools and confidence to do your own detox at home whenever you have the need.
  • The raw energy and vitality of cleansing on delicious raw gourmet foods and know how to incorporate this into your lifestyle if you wish.

After a week of dedicated attention from my team, and myself you will feel ready to burst turbo-charged back into your life with power, purpose and peace.

Learning how to manage your energy and trust in your internal guidance system will be valuable tools in bringing your highest inspiration to the world and offering all you came to give. These will be valuable skills for thriving in the new world.

Its Your TimeRetreat-timeisnowWe are at a unique place in our human history– a time when, in the midst of dramatic global upheaval and change, many are being compelled from within to become more aligned with who they are and what they hold true. These times require nothing less than a spiritual revolution: a shift in relationship to power and an unwavering commitment to maintaining an open heart regardless of the circumstances. Now, more than ever, we need to acquire the skill to look within and listen attentively for guidance, fortifying ourselves to face the challenges we presently face within our own lives, society and world.

“Embodiment means you fully inhabit your body, all parts of you are aligned, nothing is off the circuit, which means you know and trust your body, your energy and your feelings. You can move with the flow of the energy of the universe. You become a very intuitive and instinctual person. This is the new power. This is the new leader in the coming world” – Christine Callanan, Founder of Aligned To Life

The CityRetreat-Wanaka-pic2Mountain High

Wanaka is a wild, pristine nature experience. It’s literally a breath of fresh air. What I love most about it is the air, the big sky, the huge lake with it’s changing moods and the magical light that’s particular to this region, all framed by the wild and impressive Southern Alps. You couldn’t get better Feng Shui if you tried. It’s a small resort town with a population of about 4-5000 and is full of sporty people, retirees, travelers and tourists.

Why Wanaka?...

Why Wanaka?

For one, it is a place of healing with it’s own particular vibe, which is unsuspectingly intense. The intensity is hidden behind it’s spacious, quiet and laid back nature. The energy seems to emulate the environment. It calls us to face and embrace all our every changing aspects, the storms, the winds, the changing shifting views in the amazing trick of light, the contracts and the expansions. It’s piercing and amplifying offering the opportunity to go deep and high, which makes it the ideal location fora mental de-clutter, cleanse and recharge.

Secondly, it has been my home for the best part of the last 23 years. I would love to welcome you to my characterful strawbale home and yoga studio for a very personal and exclusive retreat.

The Retreat LocationLookout Lodge is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world set against the pristine backdrop of the Southern Alps. Here you can completely relax and enjoy the Kiwi way of life with the deep blue skies, crystal clear waters and gorgeous country side. It is the perfect location for you to rest, renew and connect.

The Package

Your Living Food Week

You will be amazed at how absolutely delicious raw vegan food can be. Believe me it’s not all salads and rabbit food. The raw food repertoire is full of fantastic flavours and surprises. If this is your introduction to raw food, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a foodie like me, it opens up a whole new interesting and satisfying world. And, I haven’t even mentioned the health and rejuvenating benefits yet! As pollution levels continue to rise and the amount of toxins we live with is greater than any time in history, regular detoxing and cleansing are these days essential to your optimal health, energy and longevity.

After this week, which includes a raw food preparation class with a raw food chef, you will be equipped to adopt this more cleansing way of eating as a lifestyle or use it bi-annually as an at home cleanse. All food is organic and as much as possible locally sourced. You won’t believe how good raw food can taste! You will receive as part of your course material, all recipes used. These will give you the knowledge to create a variety of uncomplicated, simple and tasty dishes that you can easily incorporate in your daily life. We will include a one day optional juice fast, to deepen the cleanse, but don’t worry, you won’t feel hungry, in fact it can feel quite liberating knowing you can do it. You will be fully supported throughout.

Your Personal Revolution

This is an amazing revolutionary week long retreat and it will be open to only 12 individuals as I’ve designed this retreat to be personalized for a very intimate group of people to gather in a uniquely healing environment, to go beyond normal boundaries of cleansing.

I hope you can join me and my team here in Wanaka and experience this unique retreat in one of the most wild and beautiful places in the world.





7-Day/Night Yoga, Healing & Raw Food Retreat
Location:Lookout Lodge, at Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
MAY 2017 Only $1,999 NZD

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