Learn Why Detox Yoga & Juice Fasting Are The Most Effective Cleansing Tools Ever

green_vegetable_smoothie_22415930If you’ve ever wanted to do a juice fast but don’t ever find the right time to start, or are unsure about exactly what to do then attending a 1-Day Detox Yoga & Juice Fasting Workshop is for you.

Efficient Cleansing

Recently I met someone who told me they’d just completed a 10 Day Juice Fast without doing any kind of colonic cleansing. I would never recommend doing this.  Juicing for longer than 1 or 2 days, it is definitely helpful for your cleanse to do colonics, so you have much less risk of auto re-toxing. Re-toxing happens when your liver can’t keep up with cleaning up the toxins being dumped into your blood from the organs. The colon is a primary place for this re-absorbtion to happen. Using coffee enemas, will give you great relief from any detox symptoms like headaches, muscle weakness, nausea ect. Approx 10 mins after completing the enema, your detox symptoms will have greatly reduced if not gone altogether.

This workshop is a great opportunity to learn how to safely and effectively use juice fasting for deeper levels of organ and  cellular cleansing. Once you know how, you can confidently juice fast at home whether it’s for 1 Day or 14.

Empower Yourself

This is a very empowering way to take charge of your health and healing. It gives you a very effective means to heal yourself. Our bodies are designed to self-heal, our job is to provide the right environment for this to happen. Fasting has been proven over and over to aid the body’s natural healing mechanism. So much of our energy goes into digestion, which, if you relieve your body from this energy taxing activity, it will start on the overdue business of cleaning up toxins from the organs, tissue and cells. This is really a phenomenal process when you think about it. I know someone who regularly detoxed and after 4 years his body started releasing old asthma medication. He had been a serious asthmatic earlier in his life. He knew this old medication was leaving his body because he could taste it.

Combining juice fasting with specific yoga practices for detoxing really turbo charges your cleanse. Then, anytime you feel you need a bit of a tune-up, you have a tried and true practice that will save you time and money, as you can maximize your cleanse. These practices will  take your cleanse to a much deeper level in less than half the time, than if you were juice fasting alone.

I’m very excited about sharing this day with you and helping you achieve the most effective and enjoyable cleanse possible.

In Health, Love & Appreciation


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