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Can You Love Yourself Thin

“Anything that comes in through the senses is also regarded as “food”for the body and therefore affects one’s mental, emotional and physical health” – Smriti Srinivas   The primary culprit in not “feeding” ourselves well comes through the mind, from the way we think and talk about ourselves.. even if we’re the only ones listening! […]

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Best Healthy Sugar Alternatives

Here’s a list of some of my favorite healthy sweeteners.  Mostly I am using only dates and a bit of stevia. , Coconut sugar, molasses, maple syrup and honey are all high sugar, just a healthier version, but sugar nonetheless, so don’t be blinded by the “goodness”.  and keep their use to a minimum.  Balance is […]

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Nearly Raw Pumpkin Pie

I highly recommend having some super healthy and delicious comfort food in the freezer for those moments when you “want” a little something.. Having it frozen, means you have to go through a small process before you eat it, which gets you either more focused on the “treat” feeling or the ” I don’t really […]

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Announcing Our Next Aligned To Life Rejuvenate Health Retreats!

I’m shifting my focus and will only be offering two Rejuvenate Health Retreats this year… You will absolutely love the transformation magic that will happen on these retreats. Detoxification and the art of food as medicine is crucial in our ability to enjoy good health and fully participate in life. Most of us have a […]

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