Christine Callanan

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About Christine Callanan:

My predominant interest in life has been a curiosity with the body~mind~spirit connection. 22 years ago while training as a rebirther, to my amazement I realized that my mind could believe one thing but my body had a totally different story. I discovered that body intelligence is closer to the truth.

I studied and practiced a range of energetic body/mind modalities, from Yoga, Chi kung, Shamanism, Magnetic Healing (the removal of blockages and out-of-phase cells in the body), and have worked professionally as a yoga teacher, Structural Integrator(I.A.S.I.),Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)practitioner and Kinesiologist

Over the years I tried so many different approaches to having more energy and feeling better. It was not even that I was “unwell”, I just knew I could feel better, more vibrant, have a greater sense of “aliveness” and purpose. Actually I was looking for a greater connection to myself and source.

I suffered terribly for years through a relationship separation. I practiced yoga, meditated, visualized, changed, fasted, detoxed and learnt a thing or two about myself. All these gave me relief, but I secretly wondered if I would ever be truly free of my suffering.

I had many profound revelations during this time, about the nature of mind, the illusion we live in and true freedom, I discovered, is realizing that life is not the box we run around in, but the vastness outside of it. How do you transcend “the box”? I had profound experiences in the midst of my most intense suffering, where there really was no other option but to let go.

From  these experiences, I realized first hand that we are not the limited beings we think we are. We are connected to the source and part of the source. Energetically this was like being blown apart, the physical experience is something unrecognizable from a theoretical concept.

I realized there is never a lack of energy, only a matter of how much we can handle and flow with. The energy and power available to us is indescribably huge. I hopped off the hamster wheel of self-judgment and stopped striving to prove my own worth. Stumbling through my most painful moments taught me how to give myself the gifts of unconditional acceptance and compassion.

To cut a long story short, through the unraveling of my web, all parts of me seemed to come together and enter a flow. Now I’m inspired by merging powerful practices, encompassing personal transformation, and a healthy lifestyle.

Getting into the “flow” or connecting to universal energy is the underlying premise of everything I teach. In my experience it’s a lot easier to get into the flow, when there’s less static interference from body, mind and emotions. Although it’s all grist for the mill. Connecting to this flow will enhance every aspect of your life. Bringing you all the vitality, confidence and clarity you need to live an abundant, peaceful life Aligned to your Authentic SELF.

I now teach and coach other healers, creatives and heart-centered people to connect more deeply to themselves, Align to the  SELF, and live an Authentic life in ALL it’s expressions.

I also teach and mentor coaches, healers and practitioners how to use energy scanning and clearing with clients to provide insight and clarity around their  physical, mental or emotional state of being.

I am currently offering the following programs:

60 Days – RAGGED TO RADIANT – An Empath’s Path To Aligning With Spirit

90 Days – THE ART OF INTUITION – Using Intuition To Enhance Your Life, Health & Business

6 Months – THE ART OF ENERGY HEALING – Learn to Scan Energy and Remove Physical, Emotional and Mental Blocks.

Private Consultations Available Via Skype