Aligned To Life



I am excited to be joining forces with Tui Parker, ND,  to offer health and healing retreats in Bali and beyond .. With complementary skills, teaming up offers YOU greater value, and a more comprehensive healing experience.

We are now offering a schedule of retreats covering:

Detox and Heal: A 7-Day raw living macrobiotic food cleanse

Juice Fasting: A 7-Day in-depth detox using Juice Fasting and Colon Cleansing

Women’s Rejuvenate Retreat: A 7-Day Rest, Renew & Rejuvenate Retreat

And More….

The Aligned To Life method is centred on using these four key areas of life which commonly present as a cause or impetus for growth and transformation. It’s in their apparent “not working out the way I wanted” and the struggle  that causes us, that we seek change, which becomes an opportunity for true transformation. .. the “Grist for the mill” for personal transformation.

Our instruction, programs and retreats are delivered through practices and processes that are dysynthesized to make them ‘doable’ for you so you can realize tangible results. This approach to real learning and real doing (experiential) differentiates us and enables you to get real results FAST.  By applying principle and practice your learning and experience creates transformation  and moves you to become more of who you are, not who you’re conditioned to be.

When it comes to your health and personal changes, the key to our approach is offering a structure for the physical components to get you out of “overwhelm” and have a step by step approach to regaining your health and vitality which goes way above and beyond “diet”.  We combine that with condensed simple strategies for creating mental/emotional health and intelligence, so you have the vitality, confidence and clarity to live an abundant, healthy, peaceful life Aligned to your authentic SELF in all it’s expressions.

“There is a life force with your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine. O traveler, if you are in search of that. Don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek that.” ~ Rumi